It’s the little things.

There are some days that despite the most meticulous planning turn out to be a let down. There are also days that are completely spontaneous and perfect. Today was the latter. Not that you would believe it possible after my rude awakening at 5am. My husband-to-be is a flailer (is that even a word?) in his sleep. This morning I was on the receiving end of his overzealous arm waving so I woke up with a bump on the head. So what does any self respecting home decor-aholic do at such an hour? That’s right. Gumtree!
For the longest time (or since moving to this house in September) I’ve been on the lookout for a country kitchen style dresser that I can love & hug & make my own. Today I found one for the grand old price of just £50! So my darling & I borrowed a van from his boss and set off to the lovely town of Kilkeel to pick it up. On the way home we decided to stop in the little seaside town of Newcastle, Co.Down for lunch & ice-cream. The original plan was to eat the ice-cream on the beach but we quickly realized how silly we were. How could we forget that it was about 2 degrees outside & therefore the worst ice-cream eating weather imaginable so we hurried off back to the van post-haste to eat in the not quite heat before setting off home again.
I know that to most this was by no means perfect but to me spending a full day with my best friend, laughing until my sides hurt was the best possible way to spend my day.
Currently my dresser is sitting the kitchen in 2 parts awaiting a decision regarding what is to become of it. I think that will have to wait until tomorrow as I am absolutely exhausted & so plan to do nothing for the rest of the evening.
Ah, this is the life!


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